Savannah, 2005

Washington Square

This is a view from my front porch. It doesn’t always look like this, of course. You would need rain, and oak re-leafing season when the leaves on the ground are so thick you could ski if they were snow flakes. And it’s been a while since the City planted this luscious tulip array. I’m sure that is at least partly a budget issue. Having gone through four City budget workshops, I’m well aware of the difficulty trying to fund everything, and that priorities must be set.

This also is my favorite time of day in downtown Savannah. In the mid 60’s, as a staff photographer for the Savannah Morning News/Evening Press, I noticed that starting around 5 PM and lasting until about 7 PM, downtown acquired a quiet stillness, as if the City had collectively taken a breath, and then held it. Back then that was largely due to the end of the work day and everyone emptying out of downtown, and then, exhaling, the City began evening social and civic activities after supper.

It’s been a while since we were that small town, and downtown doesn’t empty out anymore; quite the opposite. But I still feel that pause in the late afternoon, sitting in the square with the dog, and maybe a neighbor or two. And more times than not there is pretty or interesting light filtering through the trees and defining the old homes, and it feels like I have fallen into a fairy tale.

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